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SQL Editor - SQL Auto Complete

One of the great features of QweryBuilder is the autocomplete popup found in the SQL Editor window. It assists you as you type your ad-hoc SQL queries. To display a list of database owners and My Autocomplete items, type in the keyword "this" followed by a period. Once an item is selected, hit the enter key or the period key. You can display a list of tables by typing a database owner (e.g. dbo) followed by a period (.). Or you can simply press Ctrl+Space. To bring up a list of columns for a table, type the name of the table followed by a period, or type the table alias you entered in the FROM clause then enter a period.

SELECT A. <-- Autocomplete window will display here
FROM MyTable A

FROM dbo. <-- Autocomplete window will display here

FROM this. <-- Autocomplete window will display here

SQL Query Tool Auto Complete
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QweryBuilder is an advanced SQL Query Tool and SQL Editor. Its purpose is to help you extract information from your database in a way that is simple, quick, accurate and efficient.

Work with your SQL Server, ASE, SQL Anywhere and Oracle databases in one single application.

"QweryBuilder is a great, easy to use tool, that is a part of my everyday programmer life."

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