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Visual Difference

The Visual Difference tool can be accessed through the Tools\Visual Difference menu option.

Select the source data source information from the left and the target data source information on the right. You can choose to do a diff on all object types or you can select an object type from the list. The same applies to the object. You can choose to do a diff on all objects or you can select one specific object.

Click the Find Differences\Stop toolbar item to start the process. You can click the button again to stop.

Once the diff is complete, you can select a row from the results and click the View Difference toolbar button to view what is different between the two objects.

NOTE: QweryBuilder leverages 3rd party tools to display differences (via the View Difference button). You can use the Select Diff Tool toolbar button to select the diff tool of your choice. If one is not installed on your machine, you will have to download one. The Select Diff Tool window will suggest some free tools that you can download and use.

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QweryBuilder's SQL Editor provides you with a rich ad-hoc query experience that gives you full control while you query your database.

Work with your SQL Server, ASE, SQL Anywhere and Oracle databases in one single application.

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