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QweryBuilder Express - Free SQL Editor

download icon QweryBuilder Express 7.3.0   (11,366 KB) - Released

QweryBuilder Express is a free SQL Editor and SQL Query Tool designed to work with SQL Server, Sybase ASE, Oracle and SQL Anywhere. In addition to these DMBS's, generic ODBC data sources are also supported.

This free SQL Editor contains basic functionality for querying databases along with a few productivity enhancing features from the full version of QweryBuilder:

  1. Script auto complete
  2. Display column list for tables and views in editor
  3. Generate and insert new GUIDs
  4. Syntax folding
  5. Auto indenting
  6. SQL history
  7. Multi-selection
  8. Google It
  9. Formatted XML results
  10. View data in form view
  11. Sort result columns
  12. Filter results
  13. Aggregate result data
  14. Support for Microsoft SQL Server, Sybase ASE, SQL Anywhere, Oracle and generic ODBC
  15. Free Technical Support
  16. Unicode Support

SQL Query Tool Download
QweryBuilder Trial
20,463 KB - Version: 7.7.1

QweryBuilder is an SQL Editor and Query Tool. Its purpose is to make accessing information from a database simple, quick, accurate and efficient.

Work with your SQL Server, ASE, SQL Anywhere and Oracle databases in one single application.

"I would like to say again how much time your product saves me and how I truly appreciate the responsiveness of the support you provide."

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