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What's New in this Release

Version 7.7.1 (Jul 20, 2015)
  1. Add views to the graphic query window.
  2. Fix issue in graphic query window where and extra AND is being added to the generated SQL statement.
  3. Make the table list window in the graphic query window sizable.
  4. For SQL Anyhere; The object browser and autocomplete features were not working when using as ODBC datasource.

Version 7.7.0 (Feb 12, 2015)
  1. For Oracle; Temp table data was reset between executing SQL statements.
  2. For SQL Server; Numeric results don't translate as numeric value when saved to Excel.
  3. Support proper outer joins in graphic query window.
  4. Clicking cancel on the File Selection dialog that appears when Executing to CVS causes application issues.
  5. Add new Auto Complete option to disable the Ctrl+Space keyboard shortcut.
  6. Add better support for ODBC connections in the Object Browser.

Version 7.6.2 (Jul 3, 2014)
  1. Add new Execute to CSV feature. Query results get dumped to a CSV file instead of in a result grid.
  2. Use grid date time formatting when exporting to CSV.
  3. For SQL Anywhere; format date time fields based on database defined format.
  4. Auto complete displayed stored procedure parameters instead of table columns if the stored procedure was named the same as the table.
  5. Filter didn't work properly for datetime values that contained milliseconds.
  6. Closing the login window using Alt-F4 while connecting to a data source caused an application error.
  7. Add tab sequence to Criteria Query window and Select Data from Table window.
  8. Application throws errors when opening many files through Windows Explorer.
  9. Increase the width of the data source and database drop down lists.
  10. User name is truncated in GRANT statements for DDL extracts.
  11. Can't select column in result grid when internal column name is greater than 38 characters.
  12. When the applications launches, open the last opened files in the same order they were in when the application closed.
  13. Can't open Trigger DDL from Table node in Object Browser tree view.
  14. Wrap GRANT statement user names with identifier character in all DDL extracts.
  15. Set Rowcount text box in editor windows wasn't working for Sybase ASE connections if "blanked out".
  16. Selecting the Copy Results option while right clicking on a result tab with a large result set caused the application to crash.

Version 7.6.1 (Mar 3, 2014)
  1. DDL for versioned stored procedures didn't return correctly for SQL Server and Sybase ASE.
  2. Create Table from Results is very slow for really large result sets.
  3. SQL Anywhere - Incorrect line number reported in errors.
  4. Add Script Table options to the Table List window and the SQL Editor window (when right clicking on a table name).
  5. SQL Server - Exclude USE Database statement from visual difference.
  6. Allow user to size the Save As window.
  7. SQL Server - Add option to choose Windows Authentication from the data source login screen.
  8. SQL Anywhere - Use ALTER statement if the DDL option is selected.
  9. Sufficiently long file that inserts data into a table, and one of the lines has a "/*" in it, then QweryBuilder can hang while spiking the CPU.
  10. Changed SQL Anywhere syntax that's generated for debugging to make the debugger run better.

Version 7.6.0 (Sep 8, 2013)
  1. For Oracle; Support the "SET SERVEROUTPUT ON;" command.
  2. For SQL Server, results are missing binary data.
  3. Clicking on a column header in a result grid after it was sorted didn't show aggregate results in the windows status bar.
  4. Issues when refreshing in the "File Explorer" panel.
  5. Add focus rectangles to the check boxes in the execute procedure and debug procedure parameter window.
  6. Computed field in graphic query window has a 150 character limit.
  7. Copying from query results some times copied from the SQL tab instead.
  8. For SQL Server; The table popup (F2) in the SQL Editor wasn't displaying varchar(max) and nvarchar(max) properly.
  9. Remove trailing carriage return from DDL extract.
  10. Create autocomplete list for temp tables when '#' is typed into the editor.
  11. Improve syntax folding so it works better with CASE statements.
  12. Add option to allow developer to select the file types that display in the file explorer panel. Added to the General section.
  13. For SQL Server, varchar(max) and XML column types were not handled properly.
  14. Reorganize Object Browser so user objects are directly under their types and system objects are in a separate folder.
  15. If the Display result in output pane option is set, select the result set when the query is finished executing instead of the output pane.
  16. Add shortcuts for some of the debugger functions (e.g. step in, step over etc.).

Version 7.5.3 (Feb 12, 2013)
  1. For SQL Anywhere, the Create Table from Results function was incorrectly creating varchar(32768) columns for long varchars.
  2. Add single quotes to char, date and time items selected from a custom My Autocomplete list.
  3. Database names that contain spaces or dashes are not handled properly.
  4. Error connecting to Oracle database.

Version 7.5.2 (Jan 28, 2013)
  1. When toggling off the Find, GoTo or Replace options, put focus back to the editor.
  2. Add a Copy Results option to the right click menu on the result tab.
  3. Add "USE <database>" to DDL extract. Make it an option.
  4. Add Debug and Run options to pop menu when right clicking on a stored procedure name.
  5. Test Connection button in Register Data Source window was throwing an error for SQL Server connections.

Version 7.5.1 (Dec 16, 2012)
  1. For SQL Anywhere; stored procedure DDL doesn't generate for version 9 or lower.
  2. Issue with QweryBuilder Lite installer causes errors when executing SQL.
  3. Items in the context menu for the source control preview pane don't work when clicked.

Version 7.5.0 (Dec 1, 2012)
  1. For the Sybase ASE Debugger; display the results returned from the stored procedure that's being debugged.
  2. Graphic Query; automatically detect relationships based on foreign keys.
  3. Determine if there is a number after the GO statement separator and run the statement that number of times.
  4. Add quotes to identifiers to SQL generated in the Graphic Query window
  5. Call pre-execution commands before doing a data transfer.
  6. Object Browser took a long time to display list of tables when the list contained 27000 tables.
  7. Add Foreign Key folder in object browser.
  8. For SQL Anywhere, XML results that are too large causes the application to throw an error.
  9. Making the query window narrow makes it unusable
  10. Change QB to jump to the relative line number of my command vs. the line of the entire window
  11. For SQL Anywhere, extract all on Procedures, Views and Functions also included System objects.
  12. Disable auto complete when typing in a comment block.
  13. Have the Display Table (F2) function work with temp and declared tables.
  14. Filter doesn't work on datatime fields that have milliseconds in the values.
  15. For Sybase ASE: The register data source screen failed to retrieve a list of ASE instances from the sql.ini file if it was on a network share.
  16. Make the Relationship Window resizable and allow copying lines
  17. For SQL Server, improve time it takes to connect to datasource.
  18. In a result set, the line number column didn't align with result rows after columns where auto-sized.
  19. For SQL Anywhere, trigger and stored procedure DDL failed to extract if there was a conflict with object names.
  20. Refresh SQL in SQL tab within the graphic query window when adding tables, selecting columns and creating joins.
  21. Double clicking a temp table that has two ## symbols prefixed to it, only highlights 1 of the # symbols instead of both.
  22. Make SQL tab in graphic query window readonly.
  23. Add server and database names to the SQL log.
  24. Selecting an item from the ribbon when undocked caused mouse focus to stay with the ribbon.
  25. SQL History log feature only logged the first 32k of the statement.
  26. Allow find, replace and goto functions to toggle when Ctrl-F, Ctrl-H and Ctrl-G are pressed.
  27. The "Open File" menu option in the source control tree doesn't open the file.
  28. Ctrl-F4 and Ctrl-W shortcuts will be used to close document tabs.

Version 7.4.4 (Sep 10, 2012)
  1. For SQL Anywhere, Table DDL extract failed if the table had a trigger.
  2. The save window dialog that shows when the application is closing didn't save all open documents as indicated by the checkboxes.

Version 7.4.3 (Aug 24, 2012)
  1. Create comma delimited IN clause from selected results. New option added to result grid right mouse click menu - Copy Comma Delimited List.
  2. Add rowcount option to query windows so the option can be set without going into the Options window.
  3. For Oracle. use the forward slash character as a statement delimiter.
  4. For SQL Anywhere, display system stored procedures and functions in a separate folder in the object browser.
  5. Change installer so application can be installed for multiple users.
  6. Result filter is throwing an error when filtering from a filter dialog.
  7. For Oracle, in some cases the Criteria Query window didn't generate a criteria form.
  8. For Sybase ASE, smalldatetime datatypes where not being formatted properly in the result grid.
  9. For ODBC, invalid characters are being added to the end of some table names in the object browser.
  10. Add option to open main window in maximized state. Also, remember the X,Y,Width and Height values when closing so they can be reapplied at next startup (when not set to open as maximized).
  11. Add option to allow you to display owner name at the end of an object instead of at the beginning.
  12. For Oracle, execution time wasn't displaying when SQL completed executing.
  13. For Oracle, View DDL was being cut off when the DDL was very long.
  14. For Oracle, improve performance when compiling really large scripts.
  15. For SQL Anywhere, add grant statements to procedure DDL.
  16. Add option to right click menu on object headers in the object browser which will allow you to jump to that object types browser window.
  17. Result filter drop down incorrectly displayed negative integer values as NULL.
  18. Change Ctrl-R keyboard shortcut so it collapses or expands the SQL Editor output pane.
  19. For SQL Anywhere, table DDL containing Long Varchar columns was being generating incorrectly.

Version 7.4.2 (July 1, 2012)
  1. Add option to remove Schema\Owners from the auto complete list.
  2. Add text wrapping to SQL Editor.
  3. Cancel doesn't work when cancelling a script that contains many statements separated by the GO keyword
  4. Improve performance for script that contains thousands of commands.
  5. Adjust result "form view" so data is left aligned and extend the full width of the panel.
  6. Add white space color as an editor option. Default to gray.
  7. For SQL Anywhere; there is a threading issue when running statements separated by a semi-colon.
  8. Clicking commit or rollback button while transaction is running causes the application to freeze.

Version 7.4.0 (June 10, 2012)
  1. Table popup doesn't work when right clicking on the following: tablename.columnname.
  2. You can close result tabs while results are being loaded. The results in the application being unstable.
  3. Add a new window that will let you edit external tools.
  4. You can't enter more than 12 numbers in the criteria query window when typing in a number field.
  5. Add quick access toolbar to ribbon.
  6. Add option to view whitespace in SQL Editor.
  7. The "View Data in Window" feature doesn't work for numeric's in the criteria query window.
  8. For SQL Anywhere, Trigger DDL doesn't include table owner which prevents the create trigger statement from running successfully.
  9. Format SQL doesn't handle NOT FOR REPLICATION statements properly.
  10. For SQL Anywhere, add table name to Trigger Drop statement in DDL extract.
  11. Add new Save Changes dialog and list all unsaved windows when closing application instead of prompting for each window.
  12. For SQL Anywhere, use Message command in DDL extract instead of Print command.
  13. Go to definition doesn't work when right clicking on the following: tablename.columnname.
  14. For SQL Anywhere, remove owner from the index name when extracting table and index ddl.
  15. Call Fetch command in second thread for SQL Anywhere.
  16. Fix Index extract for SQL Anywhere.
  17. Accessibility runtime DLL was missing from the installation.
  18. Auto complete for columns belonging to temp tables doesn't handle the comma in numeric types.

Version 7.3.0 (Apr 10, 2012)
  1. Improvements to source controls integration.
  2. Oracle Debugger.
  3. Add other search engines for web search.
  4. Reduce the number of items in the context menu for the result grid.
  5. Don't run SQL Server component install if already installed.
  6. Add Alt-A as a shortcut key to perform a replace all so the replace all button doesn't need to be clicked with the mouse.
  7. Implement SoundEx expression in criteria query window for SQL Server, Oracle, SQL Anywhere and Sybase ASE
  8. Support Excel xlsx files when saving results sets.
  9. UI used a high level of GDI objects. Cut it's usage in half to make it more in line with other applications.
  10. Add Copy and Paste functionality to visual difference window.
  11. Add context menu option to open column contents in pop window.
  12. Display data source information for each result tab.
  13. Add SQL to Result tab so developer knows what query produced the result set.
  14. Clicking Save from the menu didn't work for result grids.
  15. Use Ctrl+Q to jump to the first tab in a query window.
  16. Application crashed if you clicked on the Recent Files menu option when the application didn't have focus.
  17. DateTime fields were not working right in criteria query window.
  18. In a set of results, if you select a new tab and your mouse ends up over the X, the tab will close instead of selecting the tab.
  19. Error while right clicking on highlighted text in XML result tab if Editor Toolbar is enabled.

Version 7.2.0 (Feb 14, 2012)
  1. Add source control integration.
  2. Allow document tabs to float to better support multiple monitors.
  3. Doing find in the sql editor with the output checkbox checked didn't work if searching from the very first line and character.
  4. Doing a Find in a result set didn't scroll horizontally if found item was off the screen.
  5. Format SQL doesn't handles GOTO statements and labels properly.
  6. Add options to the code snippet panel so you can delete items and add items to the editor.
  7. Fix performance issues when using autocomplete in a very large script.
  8. Add ability to close multiple windows in More Windows dialog.
  9. Add RegEx Based Search-Replace.
  10. Support syntax folding in Code Snippet and My Autocomplete entry windows.
  11. For SQL Anywhere, show function call tips for procedures.
  12. For Sybase, procedure DDL that contains sub procs didn't have the GO separator if there was a blank line before the create proc statement.
  13. Rename Code Templates to Code Snippets.
  14. Syntax folding does not work in sql editor.
  15. Holding down the F5 key causes repeated execute and cancel commands.
  16. Bookmark cycling doesn't work when the bookmark is on the first or last line.
  17. Remove Rename and Close option from the context menu that appears when clicking the first tab in any query window.
  18. Add "export" option to right mouse click menu for sql editor and result grid.
  19. clicking the middle mouse button should close tabs.
  20. For a criteria query, keep the same table and criteria when changing databases if the same table exists in the new database.
  21. Data types in table ddl should use original case as it's retrieved from the system tables.
  22. Saving results to XML caused the application to crash.
  23. Criteria query window, make sure to use proper case for column names when generating inserts and copying.
  24. Column sorting was not working right in Criteria Query window.
  25. Copy doesn't work in the search window when right clicking on a found word.
  26. Combining results failed if any of the columns contained data longer than 1000 characters.
  27. Add oracle schema's to autocomplete list.
  28. Sometimes function calltips don't disappear when a new window is opened.
  29. When QB opens a script for editing it remembers the last files that were opened before and focuses on this first tab instead of the newly opened file.
  30. SQL Editor Replace function inserted text if no text was highlighted to replace. If no text is selected to replace, nothing should happen.
  31. Allow placing bookmarks by clicking on the editors gutter.
  32. Create table from results error. Datetime fields don't work.
  33. Allow comments to be placed even on un-highlighted lines.
  34. Time fields are not formatted properly. They display with all question marks.
  35. Close tabs on mouse up when clicking on an X, not the mouse down.
  36. Add functions to autocomplete. Also, display parameters in call tip.
  37. Uncomment button doesn't work if cursor is not at the first position on the line.
  38. SQL Server and ASE, object browser didn't properly pick up newly created databases after a refresh on the data source tree node.
  39. In the error output pane, copy the entire error if no text is selected.
  40. Change the "Create Insert Statements From Results" feature to generate statements for selected rows. If no row is selected, generate for the entire result set.

Version 7.1.0 (Nov 12, 2011)
  1. Performance improvements for Sybase ASE data retrieval.
  2. Hard to resize columns in table popup window because of the new drag and drop functionality.
  3. Error in debugger window.
  4. Sorting 30000 datetime values takes too long.
  5. When sorting a char field I noticed that it will just stick null values in between real data.
  6. Long loops for Sybase connections take a long time to run.
  7. Don't display autocomplete after the FROM keyword if developer is trying to type the name of a temp table.
  8. Create Table from Results, use the same case for column names.
  9. Use machine registry key for some parts of the application that should be shared across users.
  10. Display "[NULL]" for null values in criteria query results.
  11. Allow developer to copy columns from table popup (F2).
  12. In table popup window, allow user to select using ctrl and arrow keys.
  13. I'd like to be able to right-click a table name and have the option to View/Edit Data or Select Data, just like the Object Browser has. Would save a lot of clicks.
  14. Font size doesn't populate when opening the Font dialog for Result and Editor font options.
  15. Invalid DDL extract for Sybase tables with regards to primary key being defined in the table declaration.
  16. Dynamically set result row height based on the font size.
  17. When opening a Graphic Query file (.qry), the SELECT list is not being populated.
  18. There are resize issues under Windows 7 64 bit
  19. The HTML editor that displays when clicking on a HTML text column caused the application to fail when the Close With Return option was selected.
  20. Add context help to data source registration window so developers know exactly what is needed to connect to oracle.
  21. Sybase ASE and SQL Server, add Begin Trans, Rollback and Commit buttons.
  22. In the table view where it lists all the tables it'd be really nice if you could do a right click and select all from a particular table.
  23. Enhance Data Transfer feature so Views can be the source as well as Tables.
  24. For Sybase, "I/O Statistics ON" didn't report stats for the last statement executed, or none if one statement was executed.
  25. QB errors when trying to open a .qry (graphic query) file.
  26. For SQL Anywhere, output parameters were not displaying in the stored procedure run dialog.
  27. For Sybase ASE 15, support USmallInt datatype.

Version 7.0.0 (Oct 1, 2011)
  1. Added extract all functionality to the browse windows.
  2. For Oracle, added materialized views to the object browser.
  3. For Oracle, SELECT errors were not displaying.
  4. There were some issues with autocomplete and quoted identifiers.
  5. For SQL Anywhere, Criteria Query window didn't work for tables that used reserved words for column names.
  6. For Oracle, sorting datetime results didn't work.
  7. For Oracle, automatically enable DBMS output for Oracle.
  8. Expand the width of the Datasource and Database dropdowns in the query windows.
  9. For SQL Server, add system views to object browser.
  10. Automatically select first "starts with" match in autocomplete window when filtering.
  11. Renaming a document tab that was not selected also renamed the selected tab.
  12. For Sybase ASE, display procedure number in Object Browser so proper SP version is extracted when viewing DDL.
  13. Table popup in SQL Editor (F2) now has a column to indicate whether the column is nullable or not.
  14. Columns from table popup in SQL Editor (F2) can now be dragged to the editor.
  15. Add a new option (under General) so that new document tabs can be opened as the last tab instead of the first.
  16. For SQL Anywhere, set the actual database name while connecting so it displays in the query windows status bar.
  17. When copying results from an SQL query window, preserve the column case by copying the header label instead of the underlying column name.
  18. For Sybase ASE, add WITH clause to Table DDL.
  19. Search box in Criteria Query window will no longer ignore owner.
  20. You can now use the up and down arrow keyboard keys to select tables in the Criteria Query window.
  21. Auto format will now scroll to the first column in the editor when a large statement is formatted.
  22. New Ribbon UI.

Version 6.5.6 (Sep 3, 2011)
  1. Show plan window was not being rendered correctly.
  2. Oracle connections couldn't retrieve an extremely large amount of data from the SQL query window.
  3. Adjust auto format feature to accept Sybase specific T-SQL commands.

Version 6.5.5 (Aug 27, 2011)
  1. The Create Insert Procedure function in the object browser will now generate an INSERT statement with the following format: insert into 'table' ('columns') values ('variables').
  2. Owners were not showing the auto complete list for SQL Anywhere connections.
  3. Form View for query results didn't display the correct current row when first opened.
  4. The QweryBuilder Oracle statement parser didn't recognize the Oracle WITH command.
  5. For Sybase ASE, having a table and procedure with the same name resulted in the table DDL failing to extract.
  6. Added a column selection dialog for the "Create Procedures from Table" feature that's found in the Object Browser.
  7. Added an Extract All option to the context menu in the Object Browser for most object types. For example, right click on the Stored Procedures label to see it.
  8. Added a new toolbar button to the Execute Procedure window that will allow you to generate SQL to execute a procedure without actually executing.
  9. Fixed an issue where auto complete wasn't working for views.
  10. Autocomplete now supports Quoted Identifiers. New options to manage this has been added to the Auto Complete section of the Options window.
  11. Data Transfer window didn't support Copy and Paste functions for all controls.

Version 6.5.4 (Jul 17, 2011)
  1. For SQL Server and Sybase ASE, you can now do a search on all databases. The option "ALL" has been added to the database list.
  2. Query windows will now display a timer while executing queries.
  3. For SQL Anywhere, the Run and Debug stored procedure options didn't always produce the right SQL needed to execute the stored procedure.
  4. For Generic ODBC connections, display Primary Key icon for table columns in the object browser.
  5. Fixed Data Transfer window so it better supports Generic ODBC connections.
  6. Column and column aliases that start with a numeric caused QweryBuilder to not display the results of the query.
  7. Display Connected\Disconnected icon in the data source drop down on the query, search and browse windows.
  8. Microhelp in query windows didn't display the data source or database after columns were done resizing.
  9. Hitting the Tab key while auto complete was open selected an item and inserted a tab into the editor. This has been changed to only select and item. A tab char will no longer be inserted. This seems to be standard behavior amongst other editors.
  10. Hitting the Caps-Lock button while auto complete is open will no longer make it disappear.
  11. Show plan for ASE was used with SET NOEXEC ON which prevented show plan results of executed procs to display. This has been changed. As a result. results will also display along side teh show plan results.
  12. For ASE, added Host to the connection string.
  13. If a data source was added to a group then renamed, it didn't rename the data source in the group. This has been fixed.
  14. If you toggled between datasources in a query window, the window didn't recognize the new list of databases for the newly selected datasource.
  15. The additional critiera box in the criteria query window didn't automatically add the word WHERE to the generated SELECT if the developer left it out.
  16. The Search window didn't allow you to search for a string that contained quotes.
  17. Added stored procedures to the auto complete list when a period is entered after an owner or schema (e.g. dbo.)
  18. Go To Definition didn't work for Oracle connections.
  19. Fixed issue with auto complete. It didn't find the correct table based on alias if there was an open bracket after the WHERE clause.
  20. Auto complete for declared table variables was forcing column names to lowercase.
  21. For SQL Query windows, display full file name and path in a tooltip when hovering over the document tab.
  22. The Save As dialog will now populate the file name field if the query window had previously been saved.
  23. Add functionality so you can rename the tabs for open windows.
  24. Re-wrote the routine that generates Index extracts for Sybase. Indexes should be much more complete and accurate now.
  25. When searching across all databases in SQL Server and ASE, only display the databases that have objects matching the search criteria.
  26. Go To Definition didn't work right if the object name contained the database. E.g. database.owner.object.
  27. SQL Server and SQL Anywhere connections were truncating milliseconds from data time data.
  28. Auto complete will now display after typing the words "from" and "join".
  29. Added version indicator to the main window. An icon will tell you if your version of QweryBuilder is outdated. Clicking the icon will allow you to download the most current release.
  30. For ASE, the following script caused QweryBuilder to freeze: dbcc traceon (3604) dbcc log

Version 6.5.3 (Jun 6, 2011)
  1. Added Rule, Role and Default objects to the Object Browser for SQL Server and Sybase connections.
  2. Added Synonym objects to the Object Browser for SQL Server connections.
  3. For SQL Server, CREATE PROCEDURE statements were in some cases not properly being translated to ALTER PROCEDURE statements. This was when viewing DDL for a procedure from the object browser.
  4. For Sybase ASE, add Alter Table syntax to table DDL for foreign key constraints.
  5. Autocomplete for "dbase.owner." will not bring up anything if the database is invalid.
  6. If two words were separated by a ".", they would both be highlighted when double clicked. This has been fixed so only the word that was double clicked will highlight.
  7. Autocomplete now displays columns for fully qualified tables: dbase.owner.table.columns.
  8. Autocomplete for variables didn't work well if the editor option for "Autocomplete Filter Mode" was set to "Starts With".
  9. When deleting My Autocomplete items, the last entry wasn't being deleted properly.
  10. Right clicking on a database in the object browser then selecting one of the query window types resulted in the wrong data source and database being used for the new query window.
  11. Added a new option to the General section of the Options window. This option will let you specify that new query windows should use the data source and database for the object that is currently selected in the object browser.
  12. SQL Editor will now remember the size of the autocomplete window if it was resized.
  13. My Autocomplete items in the autocomplete window will now remember the sort order when items are filtered.
  14. For Sybase ASE 15.5, some database errors caused the application to crash. This has been fixed.
  15. Added a new option to the General section of the Options window. This option will let you specify file extensions for the SQL query windows save and open dialog.

Version 6.5.2 (Apr 30, 2011)
  1. With Oracle, when retrieving more than 50,000 rows QweryBuilder experienced performance issues.
  2. Char lengths for columns where incorrectly being retrieved for UTF8 Oracle connections.
  3. Added Code Templates as a dock panel.
  4. New feature in the Object Browsers allows you to group datasources into "folders".
  5. New editor toolbar will display after selecting text in the SQL Editor with your mouse. This feature needs to be turned on via the Options window (under the Editor section).
  6. When using My Autocomplete, typing after entering a period will filter based on all column in the autocomplete window.
  7. You can now create code templates from selected text in the SQL Editor. Right click and select Code Templates\Create Code Template or use the Edit\Code Templates\Create Code Template menu.
  8. The Create Table from Results function didn't handle multiple columns with the same name well. Numbers will be appended to duplicate column names.
  9. Added multi-column sort to result grid. Hold the Ctrl key while double clicking column headers.
  10. Added new toggle buttons for "Set Statistics IO" and "Set Statistics Time" to the SQL Editor window for SQL Server and Sybase ASE connections.

Version 6.5.1 (Mar 11, 2011)
  1. Tabbing and Shift Tabbing a block of SQL resulted in spaces being added to the front of each line instead of tab characters (when the display tabs as spaces property was unchecked).
  2. Double clicking in the sql editor will no longer highlight double quotes.
  3. Views in the object browser will act more like tables. For example, you can now view data and columns.
  4. The lengths of Unichar and Univarchar were displayed incorrectly for ASE connections.
  5. For SQL Anywhere, the DDL for GLOBAL TEMPORARY TABLES was incorrect.
  6. The autocomplete window for the SQL Editor didn't position right in some cases.
  7. For ASE, in some cases selecting from tables with an image column caused an open client error to trigger.
  8. For ASE, the DDL extract for stored procedure was, in some cases, incorrectly generated.
  9. The visual difference tool will now display the datasource name and database name in the column headings.
  10. For SQL Anywhere, added a fix so that the MESSAGE statement will be processed.
  11. Added new Change Case submenu to the Edit menu. You can change the case for the contents of the current SQL Editor to Upper, Lower and InitCap.
  12. The SQL Editor will pick ANSI or UNICODE encoding when saving a .sql file based on the encoding of the text. In the past it just assumed UNICODE.

Version 6.5.0 (Feb 5, 2011)
  1. SQL Anywhere debugger.
  2. Variable Watch window added to ASE debugger.
  3. Tab key didn't select autocomplete value for variables.
  4. Lengths of nvarchar and nchar data types where doubled in the object browser.
  5. ASE and SQL Server databases with a name length greater than 30 caused unexpected results.
  6. '#' characters were not highlighting when double clicking on a tempt table in the sql editor.
  7. Improved SQL Editor auto complete.

Version 6.4.2 (Jan 1, 2011)
  1. Select\Deselect All in the Graphic Query windows table selector performed very poorly if there were a lot of columns.
  2. Any query window that is open with no data source selected will have their data source set when one is connected to in the object browser.
  3. The filter window wasn't displaying datatime values properly in all cases.
  4. The sort buttons in the filter window didn't sort datetime values properly.
  5. Added recently used files, data sources and objects to Start page.
  6. Added support forum to Start page.
  7. Go To Definitions didn't work with SQL Anywhere if an owner wasn't specified with the object (e.g. Customer instead of DBA.Customer).

Version 6.4.1 (Dec 12, 2010)
  1. The ASE debugger now has a window which allows you to execute SQL while in the middle of the debug process.
  2. Date columns where incorrectly being converted to DateTime fields which caused issues with sorting.
  3. The run procedure object browser window was generating a SELECT in the script for parameters that were not output parameters.
  4. The run procedure object browser window didn't handle Varchar(Max) for SQL Server very well.
  5. In some cases, Ctrl-Del in the editor caused the application to crash.
  6. 6.4.0 introduced a new way to pickup the ASE 15 Open Client dll's which didn't cover all the API, this lead to errors while executing SQL.

Version 6.4.0 (Dec 04, 2010)
  1. New debugger for Sybase ASE.
  2. Better Unicode and Charset support for Sybase ASE.
  3. Better Unicode support for the entire application.
  4. The Drop command from the object browser didn't work for Oracle objects there where named with mix-case.
  5. Go To Definition didn't work on tables for SQL Server when the schema was missing.
  6. Add new options to the Table context menu in the object browser.
    • View\Edit Data will open the table in criteria view and automatically retrieve the tables contents
    • Select Data will open the table in criteria view so you can enter criteria before retrieving.
    • Insert Row will open the table in criteria view and give you a result tab with a blank row already inserted.
  7. Autocomplete got in the way when trying to declare variables that started with the '@' sign.
  8. The Run feature (in object browser) wasn't setup right for user defined Functions.
  9. Double clicking in the upper left hand corner of a result grid will highlight all rows and columns (similar to Excel).
  10. Improved result retrieval performance.
  11. When expanding a database node in the object browser, object types where being duplicated.
  12. In some cases Go To Definition didn't work for Procedures or Views.
  13. The SQL Editor find output window wasn't being cleared out if no results where found.

Version 6.3.1 (Nov 06, 2010)
  1. Using the Arrow and Shift keyboard keys to highlight data in the result grid did not work.
  2. Copy didn't work when highlighting rows from the results margin (row number margin).
  3. Right clicking on results caused selected rows and columns to de-select. Data selection will now be preserved.
  4. The form view in the results tab was allowing the developer to scroll too far down.
  5. In DDL Browse window, tab should navigate from filter field to the list.
  6. In the SQL Editor, call tips were blocking the autocomplete window.
  7. Autocomplete for declared variables starting with the '@' character.

Version 6.3.0 (Oct 24, 2010)
  1. Moved items from Edit\Action menu to the Edit menu
  2. Renamed the Edit\Open Procedure menu to Edit\Go To Definition.
    • Changed the Go To Definition option to work with all supported DB objects.
    • Also, use it to find the declaration of a variable.
  3. Fixed the Edit\Open Table function to work with fully declared tables.
    • e.g. database.owner.table, database..table
  4. Add a Select\Deselect All button to the tables displayed in the Graphic Query window.
  5. You can now select tables in the Graphic Query window by double clicking in the table picker.
  6. Enhanced the Stored Procedure Run function (in the Object Browser) to better handle output parms for SQL Server, ASE and SQL Anywhere.
  7. New call tips in the sql editor show you what a system function's signature is as you type.
  8. New call tips in the sql editor show you the data type of a declared variable when you hover the mouse over it.
  9. Data larger than 255 characters was being truncated in ASE. This has been fixed.
  10. The New SQL Editor menu option will now use the Ctrl-N shortcut key.
  11. Add user defined data types to the object browser.
  12. Selected data source was cleared out when a data source was created or modified.
  13. Visual difference window will now popup a warning if the source and target are the same.
  14. Document tabs can now be displayed side by side. Right click on the main tab and select the Move to the Left and Move to the Right options.
  15. If text is selected in the editor when Ctrl-F is pressed (to open the Find field), the selected text will automatically populate the Find text box.
  16. Ctrl-H will now display the Replace fields in the sql editor.
  17. Add new go to Previous Bookmark and go to Next Bookmark toolbar items to the SQL Editor window.
  18. Auto Indent will now respect the editor option for "display tabs as spaces" and "tab size".
  19. The Criteria Query window was cutting off some text on longer columns names.
  20. Result filter wasn't treating a column with just spaces as a 'Blank'.
  21. Dragging multiple files from explorer into QweryBuilder opened the first selected file repeatedly.
  22. Dates were not using the system date format when retrieved from the database.
  23. For SQL Server, typing owner followed by a period will now display user defined data types for that owner in the autocomplete.
  24. SQL Auto Complete window will now filter the list based on words that contain the text you are typing in the editor, not starting with.
    • A new Editor option was added so that the filter mode can be changed to how it worked before (Options\Editor\Auto Complete Filter Mode).
  25. For SQL Server and ASE, the Object Browser was not letting the developer know that a database was inaccessible when expanded. Instead, it displayed objects from the last connected database.
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